Spring seems to have finally sprung! For some, especially younger folk, this will mean EXAM TIME soon and the change of seasons will mostly be viewed through your study room window! Phosphorus is essential for healthy brain function; a diet high in foods like raisins, apples and fish, which are rich in phosphorus, can help up your brain’s performance. Good rest is absolutely essential, make sure to relax & wind-down your brain at least an hour before bedtime.

One of these homeopathic remedies can be taken on the morning of your exam/presentation/job interview/performance etc.

Arg Nit 30C can help if you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming exam and your mind and emotions are a bit all over the place, especially where the anxiety is worse in the morning but you feel better having rituals e.g. writing with a particular pen or wearing lucky pants.



Lycopodium 30C can help if you’re feeling very low in confidence or self-esteem, especially if this is causing tummy bloating or gas and is worse in the afternoon.

NB. If any anxiety becomes unbearable please let someone you trust know, don’t keep it to yourself.