Are you about to pop? Are your sides fit to bursting? I’m sure even our demure Duchess Kate is feeling the highs & lows of burgeoning motherhood in final trimester. Pregnancy can be a particularly emotional time as you think about your hopes and fears for everything, for this new person soon to be in your life forever to the birth itself. Gentle exercise like stretching & yoga, deep breathing and swimming can help tone and prepare your body for labour. Raspberry leaf tea is anecdotally believed to help labour and milk production, one cup daily can be drunk from the 7th month onwards.

Any or all of the following low potency homeopathic remedies may help your body in its physical change.

Caulophyllum 12C to strengthen the uterus and help ensure cervix dilation, take daily from the 8th month.

Mag-Phos 6C for heartburn & reflux, take morning and evening in the 6th/7th month, stopping once you feel improvement.

Nat-Mur 6C comes from sodium chloride and may stabilize fluid & salt balance, helping prevent swollen ankles. Take during the 7th/8th month, again stopping once you feel improvement.