It’s supposed to turn very cold this week. Winter is coming. Time to layer up and keep warm. My husband reckons the cold months are ‘cosy’. He’s from Sweden and whilst its freezing there, I’d argue that it’s not a damp cold like here. He’d argue i’m just better at talking about the weather 🙂

Anyhow, this is usually when the change of weather cold & ‘flu symptoms kick in. If you are affected, flooding your system with Vitamin C, resting when (and if) you can and drinking plenty of fluids can all help your body to restore its energy.

Taking one of the following homeopathic remedies every 3 hours during a bad cold may help your symptoms:



Gelsemium 30C for when you have no thirst, your body feels very heavy, your head aches and you feel very weak and you’re trembling.

Rhus Tox 30C for if you got sick after getting rained on and you have a fever; your muscles feel stiff and achy but you want to move and shift around constantly.

Bryonia 30C for if you are really thirsty, feel very irritable and just want to be left alone and all your symptoms are worse when you move even slightly.

Aconite 30C for if your cold came on quickly after being out in a bracing cold wind.

If symptoms persist, seek professional advice.

Naomi x