What will the treatment be like?

The Consultation
To find the right remedy for you as an individual, we need to be able to have a detailed understanding of your complaints and how you experience them. For example, I might see 5 women all experiencing menopausal symptoms and end up giving each one a different remedy. So we ask a lot of questions! Sometimes this can feel strange. Sometimes this a can feel like a release or enlightening. We talk about what’s troubling you, your symptoms and how or when it started. We will also chat about past medical history, family medical history, lifestyle and likes/dislikes, who you are as a person is very important. Anything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence.
The initial consultation may last an hour or more.
N.B. Please bring details of any current medication or supplements that have been prescribed for you or by your doctor or that you take regularly.

Afterwards, you will receive a homeopathic remedy, usually in the form of tablets, or round pills, which you place under your tongue and allow to dissolve. You will be given details of when and what to take. All remedies are included in the cost of treatment. Do make sure you’ve fully understand the directions and if you are unsure about anything around taking the remedies, please just text or give me a call. If the remedies are to be taken at a later date, be sure to store them in a cool dark place, away from strong smells.

If you are taking a homeopathic remedy and feel that you need to take additional medication – conventional or homeopathic – do get in contact. I might suggest you see your doctor or give first-aid advice, if necessary. If you develop any symptom that concerns you, please feel free to get in contact.

What happens once treatment starts?
After taking your remedy, you may notice some changes. Some patients can experience a period of well-being. Sometimes your symptoms can appear to get worse for a short time*. Sometimes a cold, rash or some form of discharge may appear which means your system is ‘clearing out’. Sometime old symptoms can reappear for a time. These need to pass and shouldn’t be treated because they are a part of your body’s healing pattern. Aggravations should be minimal, but do get in contact during appointments if you have any response that concerns you. Its important to know what happens as treatment progresses.

How long does treatment take?
This can really depend on what you have that needs treating and is much easier to assess after the second appointment. A slow developing complaint which has been there for years may take longer to improve, although initial improvement may occur quite soon. Acute** complaints can usually resolve much quicker.

* This is what we call an aggravation and a is good sign that the remedy is taking effect. It’s a bit like sitting in a funny position for a long period and realising your leg has gone completely numb; you move to get the blood back into it which causes a ‘pins & needles’ sensation and actually feels worse for a short time before proper feeling comes back to the limb. When your body starts to make shifts back to health and equilibrium it can feel worse for a short time. Aggravations should be minimal, but do get in contact during appointments if you have any concerns.

** something that hasn’t been around for very long.